It all started with a little love...

In the small bustling city of Anchorage, Alaska, nestled between glacial waters and majestic snow-capped mountain ranges, two individuals called it home. Steve Franklin, an Arizona-native who knew from a young age that music would somehow be the key to his career, ventured into the uncharted waters of Myspace - looking to connect with friends, and perhaps something more with someone special. Cathy Lancaster, an Alaskan raised dame, found her way through life by the guidance of her supporting family, her passion for bookkeeping, and the love of her friends. She too sought out a profile on Myspace; a familiar place where all her friends gathered, and a place that could possibly ignite something new.

One night, amidst the winter darkness of 2006, a light seemed to flicker amongst these two. One thing lead to another, as they both rolled the dice on their nervousness and agreed to finally meet in person. After meeting each other that night, they both knew that for some reason, this was going to become something bigger. For her, she says it was his genuineness. It was the overwhelming feeling of knowing that everything was going to be okay when he was around. For him, he says it was her smile that was more than enough in this world.

It wasn't too long from there that their Hello's eventually became I Do's.

Before he found his soulmate, Steve Franklin started his DJ'ing career in 2001 by working for a local DJ company, as well as the famous local nightclub, Chilkoot Charlies on Spenard. Eventually, through out the long nights, he picked up the name, "DJ Lefty"; which became popular enough that people began calling him out by a simpler surname of just "Lefty" - essentially, a nickname for his nickname. On October 18th, 2008, Cathy and Steve finally took that short walk that forever bound their souls as one. Ultimately, opening up a whole new book that both for them, up to that point in their lives, never thought possible.

  In 2011, after 10 years of building his solid and reliable reputation as a DJ, he and the love of his life both decided to create their very own DJ company, C & S Mobile Music ('C' for Cathy; and 'S' for Steve). They wanted it to be different from the other companies in town. They wanted to be able to go where ever the client wished to go, to not be tied down by a power cord. They wanted to make the relationship with the client more personable, and less about money. They wanted to provide a service that clients could use and not become bankrupt when their party ended. Furthermore, they wanted to build the best DJ company in Alaska and root it all from a place of love.

Since then, C & S Mobile Music has only grown; even going as far as a major summer cruiseliner in the pacific ocean. Who would've thought that starting in the small cold town of Anchorage, our company would've become one of the top three major competitors in the Alaskan DJ Industry? What we know for sure is that wherever we go, you can expect that C & S Mobile Music will bring the entertainment, the tunes, the joy, and most importantly, the love!